Troubleshooting Tips

Tech trouble happens! Be prepared with these tips to view course content on Aveda Florida Education with ease!

  • Make sure you have an account and are logged into Aveda PurePro.

  • Try a different device.

  • Try a different browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

  • Adjust your internet connection.

  • Try an Incognito/Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  • Clear the cache on your browser and restart it.

👋 Have a quick question?

Hit up our FAQs below or email us at [email protected]

  • How do I enroll in a class?

    Sign up for free or sign in to an existing student account. Browse the All Courses page, and choose the first awesome course you see, and select Register Now. Repeat for the second awesome course you see, and the third, and so on.

  • Do I need an Aveda PurePro account to register for certain Courses?

    Yes, you will need to have an active Aveda PurePro account and be logged in to register for select Courses. Visit to register or log in. You will know its a Course hosted by Aveda PurePro by clicking on the "Register Now" button in a Course and it takes you to the PurePro site to complete your registration. On-Demand Courses do not require an Aveda PurePro account.

  • Can I only access Aveda Florida Education from a computer?

    You can access your account or courses from any device, anywhere! Just remember your login and password.

  • I'm a salon owner, and I want to register my team for a course. How do I do that?

    Each enrollment must be purchased through the team member's account. This makes it easy for students to track their progress, receive reminders, stay accountable, and stay on track to reach their individual goals! 💪 If you need an exception, please email us at [email protected]

  • If I miss a Live Course, will I be able to access the content later?

    Besides the On-Demand that are available any time, Live Courses are best attended LIVE! These courses are designed to be intimate, interactive experiences, and our educators thrive on the engagement of students like YOU! For that reason, we do not offer course recordings for live courses. If you are not able to attend a course, keep an eye out — it will probably offered again!

  • How do I access an On-Demand Course?

    Click the call to action button and follow the prompts to view on-demand courses. You will need to have created and/or signed in to your account to view all your courses.

  • I'm no longer able to attend a course and/or I need a refund. What do I do?

    For Courses hosted by Aveda PurePro, please reach out them directly to make any changes to your registration to 800-283-3244 or chat on For Courses hosted by Aveda Florida, reach out to 888-283-3235 or email [email protected] Note both PurePro and Aveda Florida's cancellation policies before making any changes.

  • I'm an Aveda Florida salon, but I want to take a paid Course hosted by Aveda PurePro. Is there an opportunity to co-op?

    Yes! We aim to curate the best education Aveda has to offer on this one platform and we understand sometimes that means a paid virtual or live Course outside of Florida. For these Courses hosted by Aveda PurePro, we would can offer you to opportunity to co-op, which means we will cover half the cost of your Course. If you want to take advantage, you MUST register via phone instead of directly on the PurePro site. Simply call 800-283-3244 and mention you are Aveda Florida.