Class Overview

This is a LIVE In-Person class.


There is more to coloring textured hair than meets the eye. In this one-day course, you’ll learn how different textures and other hair characteristics can affect hair color results and how to address the common challenges of coloring textured hair. You’ll practice several on-trend color techniques and receive coaching from Aveda’s texture experts. At the end of the course, you’ll be confident and prepared to provide your textured hair guests with the hair color results they’ve been dreaming of.  


  • How to consider loss of texture, multiple textures/patterns, porosity & cuticle when coloring textured hair
  • Proper product choice, sectioning & placement when coloring textured hair
  • Three hair color techniques: color press, tipping and color blocking
  • Styling tips for enhancing color results


  • Amber Pivot Point Mannequin Head or similar texture (1 per participant (recommended) or 1 to be shared among 2-3 participants) *Use account Pivot Point code AVEDASP for Aveda discount
  • Tripod
  • Hair Color Apron
  • Blow Dryer (with nozzle and diffuser)
  • Hair Color Bowls
  • Hair Color Brushes
  • Hair Color Bottle (optional)
  • Balayage Paddle
  • Refillable Spray Bottles
  • Hair Color Gloves (assorted sizes; mission-aligned, non-PVC/vinyl gloves preferred) 
  • Technical Tools for finishing
  • Notebook & writing utensil to take notes





Monday, April 3, 2023

10am - 5pm ET


Hair Color Purefessional

Mike Mercado

Michael Anthony Mercado began his journey with Aveda in 2005 as a master stylist and has since been an educator, director, and education coach for the Be Aveda Institutes where he currently serves as the Director of Education. Michael is an Aveda certified color coach, men’s coach, texture coach and hair color Purefessional who has been seen on stage at Aveda Congress, backstage at New York Fashion Week and presenting at the Aveda Mentor Jam. Michael embraces the belief that learning never ends so he has dedicated more than a decade of his career helping students and educators develop their skills in hair color by introducing new techniques and challenging thought processes in a high energy, fun and interactive learning environment