Class Overview

This is a LIVE In-Person class.


Bring out the beauty in your hair cuts with smart hair styling. In this hands-on course, you’ll play with the full line of Aveda hair styling products and learn how to incorporate them into essential hair styling methods, drying techniques and curl/wave enhancements. Find out how to match up different products and techniques and give each guest a show-stopping hair style they can replicate at home—a perfect opportunity to recommend Aveda products and increase your retail sales. At the end of the course, you’ll be inspired to conclude every hair cut with a flattering hair style that could boost your retention and revenue.


• How to style all hair types with the right blend of products and techniques
• How to determine and create your guest’s desired hair style
• The art of product layering 

•  Essential hair styling skills:
— Flat brush styling
— Flat iron techniques
— Round brush setting
— Curling iron techniques
— Natural curl enhancement
— Diffuse drying
— Hand-drying
— Texture styling
— Texture setting with irons


Some of the most beloved hair styles can be created in no time. They start with a basic foundation that can be quickly transformed into a runway-worthy look. During this three-hour module, you’ll learn how to create some of these speedy editorial hair styles and tips and tricks from the runway that will help you create great finishes for guests.

• Techniques for:
— Ponytails
— Tight and loose buns
— Knotted buns
• How to choose the appropriate styling products based on hair texture, density, diameter & desired result
• How to combine styling techniques and products to create both salon-friendly and runway-inspired looks


  • Aveda Paddle brush
  • Vess Brush
  • Mixed-Bristle Brush
  • Wide-Barrel Curling Iron
  • Blow Dryer & Diffuser
  • Flat Iron
  • Blow Dryer (with nozzle and diffuser) 
  • Spray Bottles (1 per participant, filled with water) 
  • Styling Combs (fine-tooth, wide-tooth, pintail) 
  • Hair Brushes (Mason Pearson or Mixed Boar Bristle, Denman, 2 ½“ Round and Aveda Paddle Brush) 
  • U-Shaped Hair Pins (1 box) 
  • Bobby Pins (1 box) 
  • Duck Bill Clips (1 box) 
  • Hair Elastics (1 box or elastic nylon cords cut to 10”)



Monday, November 7, 2022

10am - 5pm ET


Hair Color Purefessional

Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt’s career as a stylist began at the Aveda Institute in Clearwater and quickly fell in love with Aveda culture and the company’s passion for caring for the world we live in. She subsequently moved to Orlando where she began working with Rizzieri Salon. There, Lauren discovered her passion for education and mentorship while assisting in the development and creation of their assistant training program. During her time as a lead educator, she also worked on many photoshoots and fashion shows and even participated in New York Fashion Week with the Aveda team. Lauren’s passion for cutting edge fashion and hair trends combined seamlessly with her desire to cultivate an inspired and personalized learning environment for new and experienced hair stylists.