Class Overview

Part 1: 5 C Consultation for Non-Service Providers

We have expanded the 5 C Consultation tool from behind the chair to inside the Experience Center. In this break out we will be going through the same 5 topics to engage with the guest in the front of the house to discover their needs and offer a solution through active listening yielding a home care recommendation and ultimately a purchase.

Part 2: Effective Booking and Maximizing the Appointment Book

Our guest care team has the “power of the paycheck” the minute they answer the phone or engage with the guest. In this break out we will explore the power of suggestion with service add-ons as well as get laser-focused on effective booking to streamline the schedule for maximum productivity.  

Part 3: The Power of Luxury Language

Now that we have mastered the art of actively listening to discover needs and offer solutions we will take this behavior and use it to offer solutions to our guests while they are booking their hair service. In this break out we will dive deeper into this behavior to be able to add on services while booking the guest. This will ensure the stylist has the time needed to perform the add-on while also ensuring a higher service ticket. 

Part 4: Aveda+ Rewards

The silent giant in our retail area is A+ Rewards. We know that the average A+ Rewards guest spends an average of $22 more per retail ticket than someone who is not enrolled in the program. In this breakout, we will sharpen our A+ Rewards saw to be able to speak to the benefits and current promotions with the program to not only grow our salon’s A+ Rewards engagement but also increase our retail ticket and grow gross profit.