Class Overview

This is a Look-and-Learn course.

Uncovering the needs of our guests is paramount to having a successful interaction. We are not only then able to offer the technical service and style that they are wanting but also ensure that we are able to educate them on how to care for their hair at home most effectively with the right products. Dive into the key guest hair concerns of hair hydration, damage, and loss and uncover new tools to support our guests most effectively. 


  • Understand the importance of addressing hair hydration, damage, and loss in guest consultations.
  • Review the “Observations” to determine hair damage, hydration and loss
  • Expand consultation to include a conversation about concerns, lifestyle and goals.
  • Recommend product solutions in the Sap Moss™, Nutriplenish™, Damage Remedy™, and Invati Advanced™ families based on guest needs/concerns.


Watch the video “How to be a Virtual Learner”, found in the Resources section of PurePro.  This will help you understand how to be the most successful virtual learner.



This class will be recorded for internal purposes only and will not be distributed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

12pm - 2pm ET

Thursday, March 30, 2023

2pm - 4pm ET