Class Overview

This is a Virtual Hands-On course.

NOTE: These virtual classes includes multiple sessions. 

  • Sunday, June 12 - Tuesday, June 14, 12PM - 2PM ET
  • Monday, August 8 - Wednesday, August 10, 12PM - 2PM ET 
  • Monday, September 26 - Wednesday, September 28, 12PM - 2PM ET
  • Monday, November 28 - Wednesday, November 30, 12PM - 2PM ET

Calling all Aveda estheticians! This intensive course offers the product knowledge and technical skills needed to perform Aveda Tulasāra™ Facial Treatment Protocols. If you are an esthetician who is new to the Aveda brand or needs deeper guidance on the products and techniques in the protocols, this class is designed for you!


  • Understand Aveda’s facial design framework
  • Review all products, accessories, tools and supplies used in Aveda’s facial protocols
  • Review each Aveda facial treatment process
  • Be able to deliver any Aveda facial treatment protocol with accuracy and high-performance results


Watch the following videos (found in PurePro Resources):

  • Aroma Sensory Journey Ritual: Faceup
  • Scalp Ritual
  • Connecting Ritual For Facial Treatments
  • Transitioning Ritual For Facial Treatments
  • Finishing Touch Ritual
  • Foot Ritual


Please have the following products on hand:

  • Tulasara Aroma Blends 
  • Foot Bath (if accessible) 
  • Aveda Professional Composition Oil 
  • Aveda Professional Light Composition Oil 
  • Aveda Professional Balancing Cleanser 
  • Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment Lotion 
  • Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist 
  • Aveda Professional Dry Brushes 
  • Aveda Professional Perfecting Plant Peel Base and Activator
  • Aveda Professional Aqua Therapy
  • Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant 
  • Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads 
  • Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin Refiner 
  • Aveda Professional Exfoliating Formula 
  • Radiance Masque 
  • Professional Vitamin C Complex 
  • Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Masque 
  • Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque 
  • Aveda Professional Cooling Masque 
  • Tulasara Bright Concentrate 
  • Tulasara Calm Concentrate 
  • Tulasara Firm Concentrate 
  • Botanical Kinetics Oil Control Lotion 
  • Botanical Kinetics All Sensitive Lotion 
  • Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion 
  • Botanical Kinetics Soft Crème 
  • Botanical Kinetics Firm Crème 
  • Tulasara Renewing Radiance Crème 
  • Tulasara Firming Sleeping Masque 
  • Tulasara Brightening Sleeping Eye Masque 
  • Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Crème 
  • Daily Light Guard 
  • Lip Saver 
  • Pure Nourish-Mint Lip Treatment 
  • Cooling Oil 
  • Hand Relief 
  • Foot Relief 
  • Hand-Held Mirror 
  • Hot towels (at least 6-8)
  • Makeup Wedges 
  • Cotton Rounds 
  • Cotton 4x4’s 
  • Gauze Face Cut Out
  • Small Bowls (for water and dispensing of some products) 
  • Aveda Mask Brushes 
  • Gemstone Rollers 
  • Pre-Cut Sheet Mask 

*LIVE MODEL is recommended, but not mandatory. If you have a model available, you will be able to practice the hands-on portion. 


Want to Co-Op? Call to register and Aveda Florida will cover 50% of the cost, 800-283-3244.


This class will be recorded for internal purposes only and will not be distributed. 

Sun. - Tues., June 12-14, 2022

12pm - 2pm ET

Mon. - Wed., Aug. 8-10, 2022

12pm - 2pm ET

Mon. - Wed., Sept. 26-28, 2022

12pm - 2pm ET

Mon. - Wed., Nov. 28-30, 2022

12pm - 2pm ET